Cleaning Latex Paint From Your Brushes


Everyone likes to have pretty things in their house, and in order to keep something pretty then you must take care of it. One of the most common ways to keep something look new is to apply a new layer of paint over it, but after painting you will have to clean the mess you made while painting.

Cleaning Latex Paint From Your Brushes1 Cleaning Latex Paint From Your Brushes

To clean your paint brushes from latex paint will take around a half an hour, the first step is to drag the paintbrush atop of an open paint can, this will remove some paint, after you are done just close the paint can. After that rinse the paint brush in warm running water, during this step spread the bristles so you can clean the paint near the heel. When you are done rinsing use a paint brush comb to get rid of the paint; although there is no paint this does not mean that you are done cleaning.

Cleaning Latex Paint From Your Brushes2 Cleaning Latex Paint From Your Brushes

The next step is to keep rinsing  until water runs clean, after this tap the brush until its dry, and then place where you keep your brushes. In case a few days passed before cleaning your brush you will have to soak the brush in a soapy warm water for 30 minutes, after the brush is soaked just clean the brush with the tips we just gave you.

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