Culinary Road Trip of a lifetime: The Great Food Truck race is rolling down Historic Route 66


 The Great Food Truck is back for another season. You can join us and our host Tyler Florence for the event of the summer. You won’t want to miss the best food truck operators in the country battling it out once again for the Title of Food Truck Champion. Watch and see who walks away with the title and $50,000 dollars. This culinary road trip will start on the Santa Monica Pier with the premiere on August 23rd and continue crossed the country to Chicago, Illinois for the finale.

The food truckers will have to put their sales expertise and their best culinary skills to the test as the trek 2500 miles along the historic Route 66. They will have to work to make the most money in each city so that they are not eliminated. Who will win?

 This six episode series is taking food truck operators from Brooklyn, New York, Orange Country, California, Raleigh, North Carolina, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Arizona, Dallas, Texas, and Provo, Utah. Will your favorite food truck win? The premiere starts at 9 pm so set your DVR so you don’t miss a beat when it comes to good eats.

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