Simpson And LEGO Crossover


The Simpsons has to be one of the longest running US cartoons, this show has over 500 episodes and it has been on-air for 25 years. Simpsons have done countless jokes and gags, so many people claim that Simpsons have done everything, but the producers and executors managed to surprise all of us with the new episode “Brick Like Me”.

Simpson And LEGO Crossover1 Simpson And LEGO Crossover

Simpson And LEGO Crossover3 Simpson And LEGO Crossover

This entire episode will use a different art style, every character and the entire scenery will be made of LEGOs. All fans of this show can expect a great episode since the plot for this episode was started in 2012, and the writers were making the script more hilarious for 2 years.

Simpson And LEGO Crossover4 Simpson And LEGO Crossover

Simpson And LEGO Crossover5 Simpson And LEGO Crossover

Both Fox company and LEGO company are happy to work together on this episode, and both of companies will benefit from this episode, since this episode will serve as an advertisement of a new series of LEGO Simpson toys.

Simpson And LEGO Crossover6 Simpson And LEGO Crossover

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